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7/7/2015 5:44:18 PM

What's with the "disabled" guardians in poe?

Even Damn game I get into I get 30+ kills per cycle, while these other 2 random barely touch the 10 kills mark. Like what in the world do you do to not do anything???? Do people not know how to aim to the head/critical spot? I end up quitting 75% because I ain't carrying no random plus is a waste of time. Do people not know poe is the only legit place to run shotgun as primary? Do people not know to upgrade your dammed weapons with bounties not in games where other people rely on you? I don't wanna get started with people with all unupgraded weapons. I specially don't wanna get started on the people that AFK or don't try to do any objectives. Anyone care to share any insight because poe is the easiest thing ever...



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