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Destiny について話し合おう
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lordfailythe1stにより編集済み: 7/7/2015 5:45:50 AM

The riddle of the Dead.

[i]Neither side did I choose, all may win and all may lose. Safety could not be found with me, as I had destroyed so many. By this right alone, they ruled, but I was not so easily thrown. I harbor destruction in memories. From the ashes, my creation became an unstoppable force, and now through me, they will become stronger. [/i] [i](100 replies)Hint 1:Look to me for a reminder of death and our history.[/i] [i](150 replies)Hint 2: Only once was I given up on.[/i] [b]Please join our group, Destiny Riddlers, for more riddles.[/b] [b]CONGRATULATIONS! Slovak Ranger got the answer.[/b] [i]Answer[/i] [spoiler]Battle of Twilight Gap.[/spoiler] First riddle guys, I hope you like it! I got help from DieselD4444 and xFILxxx.



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