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Destiny について話し合おう
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The riddle of Reward

[i]With others I come, but weaker then I. You cannot have me so easily, payment is needed for my services. While others give chance I am mere opportunity. Find me for the glory which you seek, sometimes a blessing or maybe a curse.[/i] [i](100 replies)Hint 1:You choose to have a chance to get me. With that chance you don't always need to get me.[/i] [b]WINNERS: AppleGuy and Slovak Ranger [/b] [b]RUNNER-UP:ShawShank. He was able to tell what everything meant.[/b] [b][b]ANSWER[/b][/b] [spoiler]The POE chest that you need the key for.[/spoiler] This one was mainly all me, my second riddle. [b]Join the Destiny Riddlers everyone![/b]



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