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TorranceS33により編集済み: 7/6/2015 2:21:51 PM

Want the new expansion but can't afford it? Want to donate?

I was inspired by a fellow gamer and forumer(FaTeD Pein) to donate for those that cant afford the newest DLC. My thought was maybe more people would like to also. Please donate and share the link Now i am looking to hear your story and why you want and can't afford TTK. Please tell me and submit a video. If you can think of another way to show your situation please do so. I am not going to gift you the DLC without evidence that you deserve it so please provide it. PM me with your video or for help with contacting me. Also will only gift what i am able to, i am asking on gofundme for the funds for 10 people but may only recieve enough for 1. There is no guarantee that anyone will receive anymore than the one i am donating. The one I am donating will be for Playstion but any others will be for either Xbox or PS Please be kind and don't hate, thanks :)



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