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R.I.P. Crucible: My Story

My name is D-3750N or, as my friends call me Delson. I am an Exo and under the tutelage of Ikora Rey have grown into a Warlock Master. Together with Raijin, a Human hunter, and Valore, also a warlock, have overcome many obstacles from the destruction of the Heart of Darkness, the demise of Atheon and Crota, even the assassination of Skolas. And then we turned our sites to the Lord Shaxx and his "Crucible." It was a fun experience for a while. I'll never forget when me and my best friend purchased the Suros Regime, oh what a day that was. In our first match with the gun, we both racked up 20+ kills each. Then I acquired the Thorn...and naturally, I felt invincible. The amount of guardians who perished in my wake was mind boggling...but i felt it's darkness starting to corrupt my mind. I started hearing voices in my head "Kill....Kill......KIIIIIIILLLL" and it frightened me. I consoled with Ikora Rey and she told me the dark past of the thorn and told me to talk to Xur. I awaited his arrival and greeted him with strange coins. He reached into his pack and handed me a brown hand cannon with gold engravings and glowing blue accents. It was The Last Word...I had heard legends of its power and I took it with me to the Crucible and the voices in my head started to disappear and my power was getting stronger. I never touched the Thorn again. Time went on and I noticed many other guardians wielding the thorn and my heart sank. Its darkness was corrupting the guardians. I crawl for my life, green poison barbs jutting for my body and as I grab my Last Word, a hunter blinks to location. He points his Felwinter's Lie to me but pauses. He sees me in my vulnerable state and laughs. He takes out his Thorn and walks over to me. I take out my Last Word but the mag is empty. He starts to chant "Kill....Kill.....KIIIIIIILLL" and puts his weapon to my head and pulls the trigger. I feel a burning sting and the light powering my body fades away. Hey Guardians! Hope you enjoyed my story. Now to start complaining. This is the state Crucible is in. Thorn is everywhere. Its in Trials, its in Iron Banner and it's disgusting. This gun requires no skill and is WAY to powerful. If you don't see it then you are blind. I refuse to play a game where one gun overshadows every gun. To those who say "there are guns that counter it:" there shouldn't be a counter for a guns in the first place. To those who say "git gud:" piss off. Go 40-13 with TLW and get back to me. The crucible is dead to me until they fix the Thorn and its not about when, because it's GOING to happen, it's about how.. Me and my Last Word will be waiting and if they end up nerfing the Last Word, so be it. I just want the Thorn out of crucible. Thorn Felwinter's Lie (or any other high impact/range combo) Tomorrow's Answer (or any other tripod/ horse shoe combo) This is crucible. Enjoy.



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