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Destiny について話し合おう
6/29/2015 6:02:44 AM

Hey Grandpa Suros

How are ya? It's been a while, you're starting to age. Its okay, I understand, not many people have used you ever since you got diagnosed with Nerf. Hey, remember when you were unstoppable? Like, there was nothing you couldn't do. You were an auto rifle, handcannon, and sniper all mashed together into one kickass rifle. Hell, you even healed us when you got the chance. Mr. Gjallarhorn tipped his hat to you. Now there's this new guy who runs the crucible, they call him Thorn. He has an ugly mug, but for some reason he always comes out on top. He may be good now, but in my opinion, he's not even close to being on your level back in the old days. I wish you hadn't of come down with nerf, Grandpa Suros. You'd show them. You'd show them all.



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