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Please Implement a AFK-marking for Vanguard Strikes!





Dont care!


Greetings fellow guardians and hopefully some bungie employees! Before I get to my proposal I would just like to say I absolutly love this game, after all I have put +1000 hours into it, but sadly it is not without its flaws. The thing I would like see in destiny, MAINLY the vanguard playlist is a sort of vote-to-kick option. And before anyone jumps to conclusions I'm not taking about a "just vote to kick this person, if he/she gets 2 votes they get kicked". No I see way to many problems with that and sad to say know how some people will abuse this. No, what I'm taking about is a sort of AFK-marking for a guardian, let me explain: You have signed up for your vanguard playlist and are paired with two other random guardians. All of you land at the spawn and you summon your sparrow or starts running to the strike. About 1 min in or so you noticed that yet another guardian is AFK or leeching, so what to do? You press start and go to the roster and find this guardian and you hit A or X (depending on what platform you are on) and with all the other options you'll find a "Mark for leeching". You go down to that option and again hit A or X. This will mark the guardian you have selected for leeching. This guardian will now get a noticable (I really mean NOTICABLE) text telling them that they are marked for leeching, this will give them 2 min (or perhaps longer, may need some testing) to find a minion in the strike and kill it. If they do not kill a minion before the time runs out they will be kicked from the game. This Mark ONLY goes away if the guardian kills or assists in a kill of a minion. If they suicied the timer will still remain, they HAVE to participate in the game to get the mark to go away. This is my proposal to bungie as I think this is a safe and "grief"-free way of giving guardians an option to vote-to-kick other people that are leeching and destroying the gameplay and fun for others. Sadly i dont see this really work in the crucible as, lets face it, some people might not be able to get a kill. BUT in a vanguard everyone can get a kill. Hopefully some bungie employee notice this and to my fellow guardians please place your vote and/or discuss your opinion on this matter, I for one is sick of having to boost two random people because they want free loot and are to lazy to play the game they have bought. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and/or grammatic errors, I'm a Swede so, anyway... Peace out!



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