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6/21/2015 9:33:26 PM

Shaming Players who can't be reported

Bungie should add another way to report players


Reporting doesn't do anything anyway


So I have run into players while playing in the Crucible who will be inactive during the match and then leave as soon as the round ends so you can't report them. I have yet to find a way of recruiting these people on the Bungie site or app. If you discover a way let me know. Otherwise Bungie needs to make a way to report these people apart from doing it on the game. At the very least we should begin shaming these people by listing them on this forum thread and maybe Bungie will do something about it should they see this post. So I will shame the following player for his inactivity and immediate departure so I didn't have the opportunity to report him. papajohnny01 Feel free to shame players you see doing similar actions or even people you are able to report. I'm even going to tag this person.



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