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Destiny について話し合おう
6/11/2015 7:52:25 PM

This is what happened

Got invited to a 35 PoE @ skolas. Super Excited. Wiped like 4 times, then fireteam leader lags out. Guess who becomes the new fireteam leader. Yea, that's right. We get him back in. He didn't have a gally, but I was cool with it. But then after 2 more wipes I went to check out his gear and he was using a 300 Abyss Defiant. I asked him if he had any better solar weapons and he said no. He then said his Abyss Defiant was doing a good job. Leave party. Boot everyone from fireteam. Invite my own buddies. Finish Skolas like true champion. Was I wrong or right? Also, he said it took him 4 hrs to get to skolas and then 2 hrs at skolas. He also thought he was screwed when he lagged out the first time, but we invited him back in. I did not lag switch or do anything to steal his host.



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