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6/9/2015 2:45:01 AM

Idea for a crucible playlist.

I've played my fair share of crucible, and I readily admit I am not that great at it. I was decent enough at Halo, so there's a pedigree for the stat-junkies among you. However, I digress. A No-Exotics playlist would be a wonderful thing to have. What do I mean by this? Well, that's simple enough to explain, even if it's a nightmare to create. No exotic weapons or armor allowed in the playlist, and Guardians competing would be restricted to legendary weapons chosen by the game designers themselves that they would choose before the match and during respawn much like a loadout in many other games (Reach, being a Bungie example). This would place each Guardian on equal footing, so to speak, with the other team. Naturally, the scout-rifle user would be disadvantaged when pressed into cqc, but that's no fault but their own. This would remove the possibility of players abusing perks, slow the spread of a meta that is being created within the game, and actually quell the vast majority of the "OP" complainers. There *is* a meta forming around certain perks and weapons. The answer isn't to bring everything else to their level, or to just nerf them to the ground, as Thorn in particular started out almost unusable, and I am not offering any tips on their balancing. Just asking the community's ideas and thoughts on a playlist that removes them, so we can see how the game plays without the threat of over-used perks and weapons. Go on, discuss.



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