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PS4 Veteran Seeking Serious Clan

Calling all great players, my old clan has become stale with the House of Wolves DLC release. I seek a new group of guardians to accompany, I want a tight core group of skilled players within the clan that can compete in PvP and PvE. Read on for my credentials: I have [b]three lvl 34 characters and am proficient in playing every subclass[/b]. I use a PX4 [b]Turtle Beach headset to communicate[/b]. [b]All my subclasses are maxed out[/b]. I have [b]full Lvl 34 Crota gear for each character[/b]. [b]Full Exile gear for each character.[/b] [b]All exotic weapons[/b] (minus Super Good Advice and Plan C and HoW exotics). Grimoire score of [b]3355[/b]. I [b]have been to the lighthouse once with each character.[/b] I have [b]beaten Skolas twice and am Rank 3 with the Queens Gaurd[/b]. My PvP character's (my hunter) [b]overall K/D is 1.17[/b]. Finally, [b]I have all the PS4 Destiny trophies, including Guardian Lord.[/b] I am looking for a highly active clan (or [b]at least the administrators must be active[/b]) that is efficient and productive concerning Nightfalls, Prison of Elders, and Trials of Osiris. I play almost every day and am open to scheduling raids or trials runs in advance. [b]Message me on the PSN at DapperClancy93[/b]



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