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5/17/2015 6:40:42 PM

Oversoul Edict, Impact Buff. And a small msg for Deej.

Improve It


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I don't know I never used it, Lets see the link...


All Stats in the link. ( The Oversoul Edict, a Pulse rifle for Primary weapon.If you go to the link that i left you which will re-direct you to all the stats and information of this gun you will be able to see how fantastic it seems, however it has a really really really big issue, its impact its awful, completely ruined in PvP, and unable to kill a Major or Ultra in long distances (PvE). This gun is obtained in Crota's End Hard, I do really believe that it need a impact buff (Current impact= 4), please do leave me your personal opinion with this gun, it really doesn't need anything major just a +2/+3 impact or at least a perk which improves its distance or impact, There are better pulse rifles that are much easier to get not like this one which is from The Raid (II). Thank you and please leave your feedback. By the way Deej I loved the streaming where you showed most of the new DLC (I'm saying most because you forgot to talk about the Vanguard and Crucible Commendations which you lately implemented on the webpage.) Seriously it needs a bit more of impact Leave you Opinion!



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