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Mozza IVにより編集済み: 5/10/2015 9:14:48 AM

Red Hand IX

I cannot wait for this gun to be vendor sold! I already got one to drop from a NM package with decent rolls (clown cartridge, explosive rounds/flared magwell/armour piercing, third eye) but I think I'm gonna buy the vendor straight away as it is probably my favourite gun and IMO the best all-round hand cannon in destiny bar probably hawkmoon. I'm not sure how it will work with the new perks and reforge system but hoping for something like Zen Moment, Send it and Luck in the chamber as IMO it could do with a range boost for PVE (it would also benefit PVP slightly) and you can afford not to have field scout as it's already got a 10 magazine, Zen moment for the bonus stability although to be fair it's stability is already awesome so you could swap for clown cartridge or maybe outlaw to buff the reload speed and LITC for those godly lucky rounds! Opinions? Edit: Trending! Great to see all the New Monarchy and Red Hand love! Am I salty everyone will be able to purchase it in HoW? Hell no because everyone needs to experience this baby and I'll still have the OG anyway!



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