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Destiny について話し合おう
5/10/2015 6:33:08 AM

Why an "M" rating won't solve the squeaker problem for destiny

So recently I had the chance to play a free to play game called Loadout that was available on another system from what I normally play on. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it is a third person shooter with an extremely large amount of violence and blood and gore as well as a few other things to earn it its "m" rating. However, upon entering the multiplayer pre game lobby the first thing that I notice is that there are only 3 players using their mic and that all of them were between the ages of 8-10 judging by their voice at least. And there was a good amount of text spam in the chat window as well. Strangely enough it was fairly quiet once the match began but as the game revealed itself to myself and two others present, the game quickly began to favor my friend who i let play this game for the first time who is normally an Xbox player. The game ended fairly quickly with him being the second highest scoring player overall, for his first game. And he had the most kills. Needless to say it felt like we were beating up children at the time. And we probably were. Anyway, after this experience, which I would hardly consider conclusive evidence, my opinion has finally began to point the way of that making destiny an "m" rated game would most certainly not reduce the number of "squeakers" currently present within it, and would most likely not do anything to help cull the current troll population on the forums. At any rate, that the game has an initial cost and isn't pay to win like so many free games out there is probably what has saved it from a lot of trouble so far.



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