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5/8/2015 2:45:22 AM

Puzzle Potential

The raids so far have been pretty challenging, trying to work from one room to the next, clearing out enemies and avoiding death at every turn. Trying to keep a conflux clear or a bridge constructed, puzzles have been made an integral part of the raids, because the solution involves forcing the to think outside the usual 'kill all enemies' mentality. However, these puzzles take a backseat in the gameplay, and once a solution is discovered, it becomes normal practice.The biggest problem is that they are no longer treated as puzzles and it makes that part of the raid much more mechanical and boring to play, especially given that the solution never changes (take this path through the gorgons, bridge activates by pushing this, confluxes spawn in this order, platforms appear in this order, etc...) What I propose is creating at least one part of a future raid where a puzzle and corresponding solution are randomly generated. For example: creating a multilayer combination lock that becomes more complicated farther down the layers and parts of the solution are hidden throughout the room, and messing up means fighting a wave of enemies. It could even be trying to split the raid team into groups to solve the puzzle. The point is to make something that is not exactly the same every time its played and that forces players to actually stop and think. It could even be a handfull of special enemies that had to be eliminated in a randomly generated order that would have to be found out beforehand or something. A good example of this has already been touched in the VoG raid, where during the atheon fight, random players are pulled into the time warps. This forces players to react to the circumstances differently each time depending on who goes through. In other words, create a system that would allow a Guardian to show up his/her Ghost in the area of problem solving. If anyone has ideas for this, I would like to see them posted in the comments below.



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