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5/7/2015 11:23:17 PM

Chapter 3 song of the Narwhal

I awoke to find myself in a dark and damp underwater cave. I could smell the cool wet earth around and inhaled deeply. The salt in the air tasted sweetly. I was extremely curious to find out what it was, but it was pitch black. It was so dark that I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my face...But then I heard it. A song so majestic and beautiful that I thought to myself this is what Odysseus must have felt when passing through the song of the sirens. Using the stalagmites, I carefully made my way to where the song was coming from. With each step I took I could start to make out words in the song. [As sung by Ed Sheeran- Narwhal, Narwhal, swimming in the ocean...causing a commotion...because they're so awesome...pretty big and pretty white they'll beat a polar bear in a fight...] As I made my way across the cave floor, I could finally start to see a smattering of all different kinds of light. It was as if rainbow bright exploded inside the cave. It was so beautiful, brilliant shades of green, pink, purple and iridescent indigo. The luminescence came from all these tiny little creatures in the solitary room I found myself standing in. It was a cross between Willy Wonka and a museum for lite bright, with the little creatures singing like Umpa lumpas. When I came upon what looked to be a throne I called out, "Hello?" With an upward inflection. Then a booming voice like James Earl Jones called back, "What is it that you strive to acquire most in this world?" A figure now mysteriously appeared in the throne. It was definitely Chief Mukluks. He was huge and imposing, and wore a hooded cloak that shrouded his head. He also had pauldrons he wore over his cloak made out of Narwhal bone. "Answer me carefully..." he said, "Or I will feed you to the jedi of the sea..." I thought it over and my heart could only come up with one answer, "Vengeance... They took my family...they took my land...they took everything from me." There was a brief pause and he solemnly replied, "There is no truer path in this world but the justice we create for ourselves...But, before I can give you what you want you must complete a task for me." Without hesitation I asked, "Anything" Nodding in approval he then said, "One of my majestic cave creatures was stolen from me and I need you to get him back. He is just a little guy, but he possesses immense power. Not the kind of power everyone thinks or wants, but a power nonetheless. It's actually the most precious and beautiful type of power that I have ever had the fortune to come across." So I asked the question, "Well if he is so powerful, how is it then that he was stolen?" He looked at me disapprovingly, "That is what makes his power so glorious...You will learn that the most powerful things in this world aren't dangerous at all." So I then asked, "Where do I begin my search?" He pulled out a box and handed it to me and said, "When you get into the deep this creature will help you breath and help you find my creature. That little fellows name is Weyland Axel and he is bonded to the other creature so he will constantly seek him out." As I grabbed the box and made my way to a pool of water that he pointed at I asked, "Well, what is the name of the creature I'm looking for?" I could see a grin across his face, "He goes by Chicken Chain Necklace..." I've gotten used to the names by now, so without question I shrugged my shoulders and went into the deep end.



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