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*XBO* Gods Among Ghosts *ACTIVE DAILY*

Name: Gods Among Ghosts Motto: Illuminate The Darkness Platform: Xbox One Members: 130+ & Active Admins: 5 & Active Vibe: Mature & Experienced Clan Page: Most Recent Event: Gods Among Ghosts is an active Xbox One Guild run by our five exceptional Admins. Our goal is to complete the highest level of difficulty with our Ghosts, obtain top tier gear, and excel as a coordinated team. Contact us anytime either by private message or party chat. Our Gamertags are listed below: EliteSkoll KINGPIN VII FrostLKR18 KingHubeTheGr8 KnowHopeWCAR We schedule events with the guild almost everyday to run raids, nightfalls, pvp, strikes, you name it. This keeps our Guild active and always running. We are laid back mature players that are very experienced with Destiny and willing to help out any of our members. If you are interested please click on this link and send us a request to join!



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