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4/24/2015 12:44:47 AM

Clan Recruitment: THE SPARTANS CREED

[PS4] We are an active clan based out of (but not limited to) the west coast of USA. Active both PVE and PVP and do regular end game raids and mission strike activities. If you're interested in finding a great group of people to play with and want to participate feel free to request an invite to the group (then playstation clan)! ... THIS IS MY SHIELD. I BEAR IT BEFORE ME INTO BATTLE, BUT IT IS NOT MINE ALONE. IT PROTECTS MY CITY. I WILL NEVER LET MY BROTHERS OUT OF IT'S SHADOW, NOR MY CITY OUT OF ITS SHELTER. I WILL DIE WITH MY SHIELD BEFORE ME FACING MY ENEMY. I AM A SPARTAN, AND THIS IS MY CREED.



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