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4/5/2015 2:45:27 PM

Crucible matchmaking....

Full matches plz


Half matches save time. Easy money...


I like the challenge of overturning 10k point differences


The Crucible is no place for mercy


Shaxx is a troll?


I've always enjoyed crucible even with the spamming of felwinters and other annoying (but acceptable) weapons. But something has really started to bug me recently. I would load up the crucible and be put into either firebase or blind watch...and instantly I would get this notice- "Pick it up guardian"/"You underestimated the enemy". Why does matchmaking put you repeatedly into 19,000 to 7,000 matches where 4/6 team-mates are also just put in? Who thought that was a good idea? In a game where supers charge over time and teams become more powerful why would you do that? It's equally annoying when on the winning side because, alright you may get an easy win, but the lobby is instantly disbanded afterwards because of the huge victory you you can end up with 6/7 matches in a row where you may only play the last 3 minutes. Bungie...just don't do it. Let the last 5,000 points be finished with 1 or 2 people if everybody quits and make it so that quitting leads to worse matchmaking- there by incentivising people to stay in a match. Additionally- the matchmaking is generally quite odd. You may get put on a "bad" team where you will get destroyed or you may get put on a "good" team where you will win easily. Rarely do you see a tight 19,000-19,000 game anymore. Personally I think that the disbanding lobby idea is pretty poor as it could have been used to balance the game later on-avoiding problems in the long run. But really- I just want full matches.



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