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3/25/2015 2:08:39 PM

Keep auto rifles nerfed but buff certain auto rifles!!

I don't have a problem with the buff


Why did they buff auto's in the first place?


I really don't give a f***


i find alot of auto rifles need a buff but some like SUROS Regime aren't being as effected by the nerf, the vanquisher VII definetly needed it but some guns like the Abyss Defiant are just not good to use anymore, my Abyss can't match the damage of my Oversoul Edict. They completely nerfed every single auto rifle into the ground and as the auto's were to begin with i would say they were underpowered as they were but now i can't even use them. If you going to nerf Auto's into the ground i feel as destiny is turning into more Halo were autos don't do crap for damage. But the gun that needs a buff the most would definetly be Necrochasm... because really... all it does is 10 damage Precision damage and 6 to the body..... I mean come on bungie why would you make us go through all through the trouble to get that gun and have it be worse than a F***ing common



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  • TechyWizardにより編集済み: 3/25/2015 5:53:37 PM
    I agree. But I believe they should remove the nerf from auto rifles, mainly because if destiny is going to have a weapon that does more DPs then the Vex Mythoclast, (aka pulse rifles) then other primarys need to be able to compete with that. Frankly, if auto rifles are going to compete with pulse rifles, then the current damage models for auto rifles have to be reworked, or reversed to the pre-nerf damage. The main complaint for pro auto rifle nerf people is: "Auto rifles are op because anyone can use them" and my response is: Auto rifles are not op, they have a lot of nerfs, their stability, their range, and their magazine size is their main detriment." I do believe that certain auto rifles should be buffed just a small bit, aka SUROS regime, because if you are going to have a low fire rate, you need to be compensated by a higher damage.( like 2 or 3 damage) And for every other vanquisher type auto rifle, I believe they need to be buffed by 7 - 8 damage. And for for hard light type auto rifles, I think they need to be buffed by 3 - 4 damage. This is only my opinion so please don't take offense. Thank you.



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