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PvP Hand Cannon Abuse. IMPORTANT!!! MUST READ!!! DeeJ!!!!!!

i have only recently noticed this during all my time doing PVP. And of course it's in Iron Banner. From what i have seen and my team mates is that now since the 20 auto rifle head shots was changed to primary now more hand cannons and other weapons are used. this isn't the bad thing, it's actually good, adds more variety. But when you combine this variety with hard core sweaters that have modded controllers to gain a large advantage with trigger stops. it is just unreal. as most hand cannons don't have a capped Rate Of Fire, like thorn it is incredibly fast to just 3/2 shot someone in less than 2 seconds. so whats the point of having a fire rate on a hand cannon when they all can be fire the same rate as TLW. so add a Rate of Fire cap on hand cannons to solve this problem. also hand cannons like thorn do need a small nerf, nothing major just that the burn damage reduced from lets say 7 to 5, this reduces the chance of a 2 shot, then TLW needs a serious rain check, the previous, i mean latest range nerf was on such a small scale that it bearly effected the gun, so it needs a range nerf. other than that all the weapons in PvP are good for me, apart from snipers and the odd few pulse rifles like red death and i shouldn't say this but my bae 3 little words. also add a cool down on final round as it is abused far too much on snipers and shotguns like efrideets spear and almost all shotguns that have it. i hope someone in bungie reads this as this is an important issue, i could care less about the nerfs but more about the modded controller problem as it ruined my experience and my friends in IB this week and will continue to ruin it in the next IB, probably won't play it see how much of a pain it was because of that. Edit: To sum it up, not a nerf, a fix. stuff like this should have been fixed before release so problems like this don't happen. Also i own all NON PS EXCLUSIVE EXOTICS. meaning i have tried out all and i am mainly a thorn user, majority of my kills are with thorn and a few with other HC like timurs lash and TLW. i know how the gun works and how fast i can personally fire it. i have a good trigger finger and takes me a good 5-6 seconds to empty the mag of thorn. unless people are USAIN BOLT with there fingers and can empty a mag in under 3 seconds, if there not it is a high chance of a modded controller abusing bungie not adding a fire rate cap. HOW i KNOW? i messaged them and they said, "i have rapid fire triggers", "i have modded triggers", " i got a modded controller", ETC.



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