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1/20/2015 4:54:20 PM

Tips from someone that's mastered Pulse Rifles in PvP

I'm tired of hearing Guardians say that Pulse rifles suck and that you should never use them. This is wrong (at least in PvP, we'll discuss PvE at the end). They just have to be used in different, more delicate ways compared to an Auto rifle or Hand cannon. I've been using pulse rifles since the alpha and beta (when they really were horse hockey, but I wanted to keep the memory of the BR alive), but the final version of the game saw a buff and they're now very viable if you master them. [u]Step 1: Pick your poison.[/u] Both the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermaster are selling one amazing Pulse Rifle each. The Vanguard is selling the Time on Target, a fast firing low impact PR that comes with Headseeker and Reactive Reload. The Crucible Qm is selling Three Little Words, a slow firing high impact PR that also comes with Headseeker and Third Eye Blind. Choose one based on similar preferences with Auto Rifles. If you prefer weapons like Suros Regime and Vanquisher over the Up For Anything, for example, than you would likely prefer Three Little Words. If not, than the Time On Target is for you. Headseeker: Body shots with this weapon increase precision damage for a short time. Reactive Reload: Reloading this weapon after a kill grants a damage bonus for a short time. Third Eye: Radar stays active while aiming down the sights. [u]Step 2: Level those bad boys up![/u] This is obvious, but both weapons benefit massively from the bonuses of Headseeker and Perfect Balance (Which both also have). Take some time and and level them up via Vanguard bounties. Also take note of the range, reload speed, and fire rate of your new weapon. [u]Step 3: Practice in the Cosmodrome[/u] Before you take it into Crucible, practice lining up consistent headshots on Dregs and Vandals. Get to know its strengths (high range and precision damage) and its weaknesses (somewhat small clip size and extremely low body shot damage). Do some patrols with it. Kill some of the Majors you find (Yellow health bar enemies). Practice developing a fast trigger finger while maintaining accuracy. [u]Step 4: Enter the Crucible[/u] This is likely the defining moment to decide if you and the Pulse are one. If you chose Three Little Words, you may have noticed its insane range. Use that to your advantage. This thing is a sniper killer. Stay back, and pick off those head shots. It's a 2-burst killing monster. Accounting for shots missed, in most situations it'll still require three bursts to down someone even once you've mastered it. Just keep in mind your range. Stay back, and constantly aim down. Treat the Headseeker perk as a passive bonus, it'll give you a slight damage boost sometimes. You will always have your radar, so keep an eye on that as well. Once you master a Pulse Rifle like this, you'll find it hits like a truck. If you chose the Time On Target, you may have noticed its fast reload speed and fire rate, and low recoil (assuming you chose Perfect balance, which you absolutely should!). Take advantage of this, stay at medium range and aim at every head you see. After getting a kill, reload your weapon to proc Reactive Reload and keep going! Use your fast trigger trigger. Once again, treat Headseeker as a passive DPS boost instead of actively going for it. This Pulse will likely down Guardians in 4-6 bursts, depending on your accuracy and if you have Reactive Reload up or not. Once you master a Pulse Rifle like this, you'll find it shoots like lightning. You are now a champion of the Crucible without being like every single other Guardian using those pesky Auto Rifles and Hand cannons. Celebrate your uniqueness with a dance party in the Tower! In all seriousness though, just keep the tips in mind and practice, you'll eventually start to question others when they say Pulse Rifles aren't a viable option for Crucible. As for end game PvE, Pulse Rifles could sure use a buff Bungie :P I recommend buffing their precision damage multiplier and magazine sizes across the board, including the Bad Juju and Red Death, which could use the extra precision damage.



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