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MaxDaMadにより編集済み: 2/25/2015 8:00:54 AM

PSexclusive Bug?

I hope any official of Bungie can help me here. I'm playing now for 1000 hours and still miss any PSexclusive drop. Can that happen? I'm really not the unlucky player and only miss the Universal Remote and the Heart of Praxic fire as non exclusive exotics. I play almost every week everything that can give me an exotic (3 times death singer 3 times Crota 3 times Gorgons chest 3 times Atheon 3 times weekly and nightfall). So my question is can that really be true? Yeah I know RNG since I received my first Gjallarhorn just 3 weeks ago, but that sounds to bad to be true. Is there maybe a not common bug that RNG doesn't notice me as PS player? Sure I have the strikes and I was in party's where psexcluvises dropped for others. Can an official please respond to this I'm very disappointed and frustrated by whatever s the reason for my Dilema. Thanks Is there maybe someone else out there that got an equal playtime with the same problem?



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