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UndeadBeastにより編集済み: 2/20/2015 3:43:24 PM

Kid and Kermit Situation

For all of you people that are discussing this retarded topic and who are all quick to defend this 'innocent' little child. Number one: Kid is too -blam!-ing young to be playing destiny. Number two: Kid thought he was going to get away with cheating. Number three: Kid was going to violate terms and cheat the system. Number four: Your not innocent just because your a young kid. You guys need to look at the facts before you assume that Kermit is the bad guy here. Tbh, id do the same -blam!-ing thing Kermit did. Guess what, not only did it teach the little kid a life lesson that if you cheat on ANYTHING there WILL be consequences. And some sense of -blam!-ing morality. Thank you, had to get this off my chest. Edit 1: yall so salty lmao Edit 2: were trending now ;) Edit 3 (Important): people listen please, this thread was simply so I could let people know that there is good to be taken from this situation. Kermit may be an asshole and may have no sense of morals. But this young kid can really take a life lesson from this. If you need the lesson to be explained then hats your problem. Before you try to discourage me and insult me and Kermit right away. Think about it please. I'm not trying to offend anyone. And I'm open to respond to valid arguments.



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