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2/19/2015 9:26:14 AM

XB1 Destiny Clan / --- XB1 Destiny Clan GMT, EST, PST and more! *Hosting 3vs3 Intra-Clan PvP Tourney's* Want to join a community dedicated to your future in Destiny? Need a place for future content such as House of Wolves? Want to be able to create/join events such as raids/pvp with an easy events system? *If you answer yes to any of these questions then maybe TFB is for you* +Do you play Destiny to play with others? +Looking for a home for 'House of Wolves'? +Do you enjoy teamwork, tactics, leadership? +Do you want to raid? normal or hard? +Do you enjoy just PvE? PvP or like to mix it up? +Busy work schedule and just can't find people to play with? +Do you have a mic and are sick of talking to yourself? +Do you want to be part of a family dedicated to your future in Destiny? +Over 18? +Want to join an Active Clan? Then head over to Register an account and fill out an application form in the ''Looking to Join'' section of our forum. Oh, There's also a ChatBox (Bottom Right of the website to drop in and say Hello!) Hope to see you there! (Don't Forget to like this !)



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