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postato inizialmente in:Clan Finder
6/22/2024 7:26:14 PM

[FR/EU] PVE player look clan for nightfall Raids and other (if still some french have a clan im here :D)

Hello im a french player of destiny, i play the game about 10years now Destiny is one of my favorite game Im 20years old, and im french, i can speak english I would like a clan with active players who are present to do raids and teach me them cause i re starting a new acount on D2, i dont have play the game for 3years and lost my old acount. have a good day



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    Looking for a new Clan? Join AM! [u][b]JOIN AM[/b][/u] (click one of the clan profile links below and submit a request to join) [quote]Request to join: [url=]Authorized Misconduct[/url] Request to join: [url=]Authorized Mistakes[/url] Request to join: [url=]Authorized Mischief[/url] Request to join: [url=]Authorized Misconnection[/url] Request to join: [url=]Authorized Misfit[/url] Request to join: [url=]Authorized Misadventure[/url] [/quote] [u][b]ABOUT US[/b][/u] [quote]AM is an active clan, currently recruiting Guardians to join the community. The AM community consists of six sister clans, sharing an organized discord server for clan members to engage. With six sister clans, we're large enough that there's always someone to play with, but we're also small enough that we still have that family feel. AM does it all: day one raids, GM's, Trials, dungeons, and everything in-between. Our community consists of mostly adults with full-time jobs. You can check us out on Twitter! [/quote] [u][b]WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR[/b][/u] [quote]We're looking for like-minded mature adults who share a deep passion for Destiny. To us, the ideal Guardian is someone who immerses themselves in the Destiny community as a hobby. Whether you're a triumph hunter, gilded conqueror, low-man raider, etc., or just an all-around Destiny nerd, then we'd love to have you.[/quote] [b][u]PERKS[/u][/b] [quote]• Show off your stats with custom discord role badges for veteran raiders, redjacks, and more. • Create or join scheduled events for clan raids, grandmaster nightfalls, gambit, PVP, etc. • Utilize premium discord bots, such as Charlemagne, Servant of Niris, and others. • Be part of the community that has donated over $6,000 to The Bungie Foundation. • Engage in our active, well-maintained level-3 nitro boosted discord server. • Participate in seasonal fashion shows, clan olympics, and other events. • Benefit from our sherpa team who will teach raid mechanics. • Emblem, ghost shell, exotic sparrow, and other giveaways. • Opt-in/opt-out roles for LFG to receive LFG pings. • Join the AM community on Twitter. • And more...[/quote] [b][u]FAQS[/u][/b] [quote]• Timezone? We're spread across North American and Europe. • There are 6 AM clans, which one should I join? It doesn't really matter, just pick one that you like that has room. • What platform are you on? We're mixed between PC, Xbox, and Playstation.[/quote] [b][u]REQUIREMENTS[/u][/b] [quote]• Be active on Destiny 2. • Be mature. • Be active in the AM Discord server.[/quote] [b][u]HOW TO JOIN[/u][/b] [quote]• If you meet the above criteria, submit a request to join. • After you're accepted, join the discord server (sent to you via Bungie DM's).[/quote] [i][b]If you're interested or have questions, let us know! Otherwise, send a request to join. We'll send you a discord link after acceptance.[/b][/i]



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