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9/26/2023 3:54:53 AM

Inverted Spire is the best Strike Bungie has ever designed... my opinion. Inverted Spire is my favorite strike. And I think it is the greatest strike ever designed by Bungie. It’s the first strike most players have played, since it was in the beta for D2. It’s no wonder that Bungie would put their best strike in the Beta, to leave a good first impression on players. This strike is so great because it takes you all across Nessus, I mean it's a pretty great journey when you think about it, you start in the Cistern area and make your way down to some Vex lifts that launch you to another part of Nessus. You keep going further down, inside these massive Vex structures with tall narrow hallways. And you’re out into the open again, where now you’re basically in a giant war-torn battlefield. Where Vex and Cabal are fighting, and then you enter a Cabal Drill, and get launched back into familiar Nessus territory where the Cabal have drilled into a Vex “tomb” of sorts. You reach the Boss and what makes this boss so great is that it was never really health-gated with shields, or phases. You could kill this boss in the first phase if your fireteam’s damage is high enough. But this boss does teleport, however I wouldn’t exactly call this a typical “Health-Gate” because usually to drop shields on a strike boss you have to deposit some item or complete another objective to do dps. However this boss only teleports when their health reaches a certain point. Not only that but the ARENA changes each time the boss teleports, and gets (imo) progressively more difficult, the boss fight itself and the boss’s (Protheon’s) attacks actually change. The final arena looks awesome btw. Bungie mentioned [url=]here[/url] that they were going to adjust this Strike which has me a bit concerned because I think it's perfect. Although if they make it more difficult I won't mind. I wish we had more Strikes like this. What is your favorite D2 Strike? Best Wishes, - The Patroller



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