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9/21/2023 5:19:06 PM

Hunter super and aspect look like garbage

I'm sorry but the new arc super really doesn't seem like anything new that I would use over blade barrage or silence and squall or Mobius quiver. I can already tell I'm going to get shot out of it before I can finish it like I do with silence and squall being a pigeon and taking forever to release and wait for impact super in the air. And the aspect?? Why? Why would I want to fly up in the air. Isn't that literally what everyone hated about the strand super and y'all changed it? Plus it doesn't give melee back with gamblers dodge and why would I care about making my teammates amplified? Amplified barely does anything anyways and I'll already have it just playing on arc. The warlocks and titans look great but hunters looks really lame and for a subclass that only has 2% of the entire player base using arc hunter in pvp why did yall make it so lame? Honestly I'd rather y'all just trash arc for hunters and make new aspects and fragments for the other subclasses. Arc for hunter = gambit for destiny



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