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Modificato da TheHamburglarXL: 9/23/2023 12:30:00 AM

vetus venatores. open to all in need of an active participating home.

VETUS VENATORES We at Vetus Venatores are open to anyone looking to engage in a close knit destiny 2 group for lightfall that treats each other with respect and views you as a person not a number. When we play/What we play We are CST/EST Based mainly getting on a little before or after 5:30PM CST. We mainly engage in PVE Activities mid and endgame and dabble in the crucible if we feel like it. Our personality and who we are for Engaging in Light humor, In depth conversations, friendly banter and a little silence when we need to focus up we are for both the Introvert and the extrovert. For the type of player we are close to it can be the new light starting their journey looking for guidance or the hardened guardian that’s been with the game since D1 we like to accept all types of players. If you are interested in the clan or have any questions that transcend a linear message like this my Discord username is TheHamburglarXL#3105. We look forward to having you with us.



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