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The Error Codes are teaming up again

Tonight on Thursday night Putting in those emergency patches because 3 Billion 💵 didnt go into the game Oh there goes [i]Lion[/i] out the gate with the kicks [i]Cat, Bee, and Fly[/i] are off beating up players in the corner its a bloodbath! [i]Broccoli[/i] out on the ground choking people! [i]Chicken[/i] and [i]Weasel[/i] are out here suplexing people left and right! [i]Monkey[/i] is watching [i]Anteater[/i] absolutely demolishing peoples hopes and dreams! [i]Tapir[/i] and [i]Plum[/i] are off enjoying ice cream in the corner watching the mayhem of the DDOS attack! [i]Calabrese[/i] and [i]Turtle[/i] are watching [i]Zebra[/i] bully children! [i]OH MY GOD HERE COMES BABOON WITH THE STEEL CHAIR[/i]



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