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9/22/2023 8:33:06 AM

New clan looking for active members!

Don't miss this chance to become part of a new community that truly engages with its members. Apply now and discover what it means to be part of Wohlstand. See links below to apply today!! [spoiler][b]Our purpose[/b] Here at Wohlstand, our goals are as follows: We hope to create an active community where gamers can thrive. We hope to constantly improve and be the best place for all people. [b]Welcome[/b] We welcome all types of gamers and people. We accept all skill and experience levels, and we are always looking to expand! We welcome everyone to come give our clan a try! [b]Is Wohlstand right for You?[/b] Not sure you want to join Wohlstand right away? We get it! Feel free to join our Discord server and see what we’re all about. We’d love to see you join, but by no means do you have to. You can join the Discord and interact with some of our members - ask whatever questions you might have and see what our members think - we think you’ll like it here![/spoiler] [b][u]To join simply[/u]:[/b] 1) Upvote this post. (This Helps more people see & become part of Wohlstand.) 2) Apply to the Clan Below! 3) Join our [b]Discord Server[/b] Here - 4) Make your way through our INFO category to #﹒register & follow the directions in the pinned message for final Approval. [url=]Wohlstand[/url]



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