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Modificato da slackhead: 9/24/2023 2:34:35 AM

Constant weasel and anteater errors, it is NOT my network

I am frequently getting kicked either to orbit or to game start after weasel and anteater errors. Needless to say, the game is unplayable. My console is measuring 600+ Mbps down and 20-ish Mbps up network speeds. I am geographically in South Florida. I am considering a vpn, but honestly, I think I'm done trying, and will wait until it is reported that the gamie state has improved and issues have been mitigated. UPDATE: The above trouble got worse, and is now unplayable on my Xbox Series X. I switched over to my ps5, and had a decent run today for a couple of hours, but am now getting a barrage of bee and baboon errors (I got bounced at the end of an Altars of Summoning, which is stupid enough without the added game instability). Internet speeds are ~450Mbps down and ~10Mbps up.
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