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9/22/2023 12:04:36 AM

This game is unplayable

I've never taken the time to make a post about my opinion. Because... it is simply MY opinion. That being said there is a first for everything. Lets paint a picture together. I am Bungie and I decided to make a long anticipated Raid return (Crowd goes wild!). We finally get to defeat Crota, again. This time with new abilities and goated weapons. The launch goes shockingly smooth, let's face it WE at Bungie are known for dropping the ball come launch. Let us fast forward a few weeks. "WE" decide to make said Raid more difficult and add a "Master" version. We launch it, all is well... so we think. The amount of error codes and kicks my team and I experienced during the attempt of the raid is uncountable. We gave up into the second encounter as at this point time and sanity are being wasted. Me being me and addicted to this game due to pure time played. I deiced to play a little PVP. Look a brand new game mode, lets try this out. load in, take 10 paces and boom. CONTACTING DESTINY SERVERS. Anteatered and sent to loading screen. Lets try that again? Load in, wham! Those infamous words again... CONTACTING DESTINY SERVERS, kicked back to login screen this time. "COMP has less players maybe its just bogged down" I think to myself. I found myself in a game almost instantly, but somethings off. Feet touch the ground, I pull out my ghost to notice my two teammates didn't make it to the battlefield. I am alone, scared, just waiting for my enviable death. Hey I'll try and take one or two with me as I go. haha just kidding I back out to orbit. This game in this state is unplayable. And for a game that has been out as long as this, it's pretty Micky Mouse BS. Off the back of a cluster F*** week, to continue to be let down. Video games peeked in Covid, no fps is new nor exciting. I hope you address some of this sickness for you new game, or its a plague on both your houses. Bob from accounting... P.s. I quit
#Help #Errorcodes



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