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Modificato da TheLordOfPotatoSalad: 9/19/2023 11:00:08 PM

Trials Photonic Vest missing from appearance customization.

There are a lot of people missing pieces from the new trials set in appearance customization. I went flawless, I have had every piece of this set multiple times. I have bought multiple chest pieces to dismantle in the hope I could synth it, but no, it just doesn't show up in the menu. I had to work my butt off in this terribly weapon bugged, and error code filled weekend of trials to go flawless and yet I cant wear the full set of armor without wearing the actual armor, killing my stats because I cant get it to roll right. This has been going on since the armor set came out, when will this get fixed? No, I am Not wearing Any of the trials armor. I have combed through every chest piece in the menu.
#destiny2 #bug



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