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Flash back.

When i first heard that they were going to bring back some old seasonal armor sets, i had mixed feelings. I first thought, oh here we go, here comes Bungie making previous paid content free again. I was against it for that reason, yet at the same time i was quite excited about it, because i didn't play Splicer or Lost. I owned both of those seasons and i have seen those armor sets and they look quite nice. I was hoping to be able to get them, but of course this is Bungie so they added it to the store as a test to see if people would buy it. Now i am fine with them selling some of these seasonal exclusives, but only to those who didn't own those seasons. What they should have done was to add it to the store and make those items for free to those who owned the seasons, as to not make them buy it twice. Also the prices are outrageous. Seriously the armor set alone cost more than the season that it was from. 15$ for the armor set that came from a season that was sold for 10$. What are these prices ? The entire bundle of items that you added to the store, should go for 5-10$. It is still more than the season, because of all the other things that you are still missing out from that season. If you wanna buy the items plus the armor set for all 3 characters, then it will cost you 89$. You can save 9$ by purchasing the 50$ and the 30$ silver bundle, instead of the 100$ bundle. I urge you not to fall for this scheme.



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