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Modificato da Guardian4624: 8/28/2023 12:55:57 AM

Bungie Name Change used by system

Edit: I see that at least in the forums it has not been changed. Edit 2: I now see that it has been changed in the forum. After being persuaded by a friend, I decided to hop back on D2 after some years off, and the first thing I found out was that my Bungie name was changed and I can't change it back. And when I started digging into it, I find that it was likely done because at some point some part of it was added to a profanity filter. IIRC, it was the same as my old gamertag, Master XDE. I'm not requesting a custom name change, but I would like it either rolled back or made to match my gamertag as the account panel suggests I am able to (but won't actually let me) do.



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