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8/19/2023 10:32:25 AM

Missing Content on D2 PS4

Hi, I quit playing Destiny 2 approx 2 years ago after giving my PS4 away. The person I gave it to deleted my account which didn't bother me. I have recently re-started okaying on a different PS4. I have Destiny 2 on disc but can't remember how I purchased the Forsaken & Shadowkeep additions, probably downloaded them as I can't find the discs. So, I restarted Destiny 2 and it won't let me do various quests because it says I need the above expansions which I paid for when they were released. On top of this, I just now purchased the Beyong Light Campaign via Playstation Store and am not being given the mission by Variks, nor is it in the uest archive. How can I sort these issues out? I asked someone on the chat app in Sony Playstation Store but their run-of-the-mill, googleable suggestions have all been tried and failed. Any suggestions? It's really starting to annoy the hell out of me as I've spent hours trying to resolve the issues to no avail.



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