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6/8/2023 10:32:40 AM
Lightfall was pure garbage. A whole however many hours of "The Veil, The Veil" ending with the death of an important character being mocked, in front of his daughter, by a ten foot toddler who makes Jar Jar Binks look like a well rounded character. The two seasons we had are the same thing with a different skin, cant help feeling we have seen that happen before in other areas of the game, consisting of a story of "go here, do that, see ya next week". We even have the same mechanic of having to go somewhere else to talk to a character that was literally standing in front of you. I barely play these days, this game feels like a Deja Vu simulator. I just don't care anymore about the so called story, where it might go or whatever. Next season will be just as dull as the current two, the one after that will be the same horde mode with a fragment of barely a story per week and The Final Shape will be the biggest disappointment in the history of this tired franchise. The fact they wheeled out Cayde shows that they are desperate to build the hype. That's if they can actually keep this game working that long. Eververse gets how many original items a year over eight refreshes while Gambit and PVP are left to rot. And the so called Vanguard Ops is just boring, the same things we have been playing forever while removed strikes that could cycle in and out to freshen things up are forgotten. It genuinely feels that we are just seen as walking wallets for whatever tat they want to push out the door this season. We are paying more and more for less and less. It's just exhausting. If they announced that next season was the last and the lights would go out on Destiny at the end of the year I would not care a jot. I wont buy another Bungie game ever after the Destiny experience. I simply do not care about Destiny anymore. I just want it to be over.



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