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Modificato da Animal Mother: 6/8/2023 5:39:29 AM
So, I just got off of being banned for 30 days and ohh what can change in 30 days. Apparently there’s no pinnacle grind anymore? I delete the app when I’m banned and I don’t read the twab (I call them idgaf’s) to catch up. Also, I noticed they just give out exotics now. Complete your nightfalls and get an rng exotic engram. I can’t imagine a more halfassed approach tbh. We can all do GM’s here pretty soon, apparently.. but the weapons are shite. Let me just go fishing.. seriously? Fishing is what this game has come to? [spoiler]Bungie’s weird multisexual flop is coming soon for the 1/100 people who play this game.[/spoiler] [spoiler]It will be worse than Destiny is.[/spoiler]



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