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Modificato da 귀신이 고칼로리: 6/3/2023 10:37:36 AM

Earn DUPLICATE EMOTES and items (including EXOTIC) from Eververse Engrams

Hello, I am contacting you because I realized that there is a problem with my account. I get duplicate items from Eververse Engrams. This applies to all types of items from Eververse Engrams, including 'Exotic Emotes'. In this case, the obtained item will not even appear in the Recent Discovered list. I thought this was normal, as it's always been like this in the 3,000 hours I've played the game. Even the screenshots are just a few that I took a long time ago, blaming my bad luck. However, I've reacquired emotes I've already earned at least 3 times this week alone. A friend informed me today that this is a bug. As I remember, I got more than 20 duplicate emotes, and I can't even count the other items. Can you tell me why this problem only happened to me and if it is a problem that can be compensated and solved? I cannot give up my account and game. I hope this issue gets resolved soon. Thank you.



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