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9/6/2022 12:48:31 PM

Performance issues/low fps

Hiya, I have recently started playing destiny 2 again after a long year and a half break. The computer I quit was 5x weaker than my current one but I still pulled 70+ fps on low settings. Not I cannot even pull 30 fps and some of the new content drops to 10fps. There is huge performance and optimisation issues and I am not the only one experiencing it. I have seen people that have high end PCs have frame drops and fps issues. I have tried everything I could to fix it but it seems all I can actually do is sit here and wait for bungie to fix this issue. P.S: My computer runs most games on high comfortably. I used to have a 1050 2gb now it is a rx 570 8gb. Processorwise i used to have an i5 6500 and now I own a ryzen 3 1300x (those two are quite equal). I'd like to mention that the specs that I have no matter how old should still pull off at least 60fps. This all also happens most likely due to the latest expansion. I would really love to know what the issue is and what happened with the game while I was on my break.



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