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9/2/2022 6:36:36 AM

Stadia extreme framerate drop (roughly 0.5 - 3 fps)

This bug has existed as long as I can remember (season 10), but it was usually only about once or twice per week at most. I experienced this bug 3 times today. Either I got unlucky, or a recent patch made it more common. As far as I'm aware this has only been impacting Stadia players, but there's not much players can do to debug it, since it appears to be a bug happening to the game client on the Stadia server. I'm not sure if it is Stadia or Bungie code, but I'm guessing it's a memory leak or something similar. Audio is unaffected, and other players are able to move around on screen as if they were going full speed, but my character only moves and responds to inputs as if they were going 1/30th speed. I can hit enter, type in the chat, and then wait several seconds (which are roughly equivalent to frames) to see that my message was typed correctly. I have been playing in chrome recently, but I recall this also happening when playing on a chromecast. I think it's triggered soon after loading into a new zone. Today this was at the start of the WQ weekly campaign level, at the start of Dares, and when entering the tower. For Dares, it slowed down for a couple seconds when clearing the final adds of the first encounter and then was normal for several more seconds, so I decided not to restart. But then a few seconds later it hit extreme low framerates. I was able to exit the game and re-launch a new stadia instance and then everything was fine. I have in the past previously seen the framerate drop slightly before it recovered and then crashed all the way, but I don't think I've previously seen that initial dip go past say 10 fps all the way down to 1 fps. In the past I've sometimes noticed two or three dips. There could be as much -blam!--10 minutes between dips. These do affect controller cursor speed in menus in addition to gameplay. A couple times I've noticed maybe 10-20fps on the main menu when initially logging in, which I generally take as a sign to exit and relaunch into a fresh stadia instance. But the vast majority of the time the issue strikes after being connected in a session for a while, 2+ hours. It has previously happened in strikes, gambit, patrol zones, and crucible. Again, normally when initially loading, soon after that, or around the time I'm switching areas. Gambit has broken a couple times seemingly when approaching the mote bank. I don't remember it crashing midmatch in crucible, nor do I remember any crashes in a raid or dungeon, but I may have just gotten lucky or forgotten. I don't know any way to force the bug to happen. Here's an older video clip I took on Stadia: Note that this was a recording made by Stadia on their server, so it's equivalent to what Stadia was sending to me, not just what I received. So I don't think the issue is internet connectivity between Stadia and me. There is a secondary issue here in that rejoining this weeks and last week's weekly WQ mission sends the player way back to the start. My teammates were just clearing the opening bridge when I loaded back in, but I had to run a long ways to catch up. Last week this also happened, but I think we were past the first boss when the framerate dropped. I spawned at the start even though my teammates were approaching the final boss room. I was able to make it into the pyramid and I eventually reached a door I couldn't get past, but standing next to it seemed to trigger a darkness zone for me. I'm not sure if that was the game was treating it as the same or a different zone than my teammates were in. Soon after that I was teleported to the final boss room. Thanks for looking into this!



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