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Bright dust grind: Quality over Quantity

I enjoy the current system and it shouldn't change


I'm neutral, but wouldn't mind changes made to it


I don't enjoy and it needs to change


A season goes by and another season of bright dust items are being discontinued, let's hope you got everything you wanted and still have some bright dust leftover because it seems like the bright dust grind isn't going to change. Currently, players have to go through the tedious, weekly process of: ◻ going to the tower ◻ grabbing bright dust bounties ◻ completing the bright dust bounties ◻ repeat A fairly simple loop, for sure, but it's a loop that is so monotonous, boring and goes against the players' way of how they decide to engage the game in a way that they enjoy, that it is a shame to call this an upgrade to the old system. In seasons prior to Shadowkeep, players' main sources of bright dust were bright engrams, but the key feature was, that players could earn bright engrams everywhere playing any activity, doing what they enjoy and play Destiny for. Be it someone who wants to catch up on some black armory weapon grind, a speedrunner practicing their runs, a guardian helping out their fellow god players and hive killers at beating a raid they deemed impossible to do or someone who just likes to stroll around patrol zones and casually blast of some fallen dreg's limbs. Each of those things would earn them bright dust because all of those things are rewarding exp, which will give them bright engrams. With the new tedium of a system where people have to cycle in and out of activities and the tower, playing in rather unengaging and counter-intuitive ways, has removed the enjoyment out of the bright dust grind. And let's not start the discussion of bright engrams not even being rewarded on a by level basis and containing items from the season they're dropping from, since this would unnecessarily expand the thread, but to keep it short, it obviously increased the bright dust gain while reducing the bright dust need (remember when you could grind an entire season's stock just by playing the game in the ways you enjoyed?). So adding onto that system, by just expanding the already unenjoyable grind isn't gonna make the bright dust system any better. So a couple possible, although far from perfect solutions, solutions would include, but are not limited to: ◻ A flat bright dust payout, via gifts of bright dust, when the player levels up. Bungie obviously can't reintroduce bright dust to engrams because of new laws that passed but giving the player the best of both worlds, via the old bright dust on level up, would be equally as good. ◻ Have every single activity reward bright dust, more difficult activities (I.e. Raids, dungeons, competitive, etc.) and weeklies (not bounties) reward more bright dust. If we cant bring the rewards along with the players, bring the rewards to wherever the player goes or what they decide to do, so that they're not limited in the choices of what or how they want to play by the need of having to receive bright dust. ◻ Introduce a mini achievements system, akin to badass ranks, that reward bright dust for certain activities and are perpetually repeatable. Beat 10 scourge of the past? Here's some bright dust. Killed 1000 hive? Here's some bright dust. Completed 5 weekly bounties? Here's some bright dust. Listened to the squad of nine descending down and being taken out one by one and getting their light funneled into crystals for the 25th time? Bright dust. 7th Column? Make Shaxx salivate ^some ^bright ^dust. Those are just some suggestions, but they all share a common theme: whatever the player does, it will end in them getting the reward, they are not punished for not wanting to compete for kills for the Xth amount of time during a strike/crucible/gambit run. They are not punished for playing older content with new players they introduced into the game. They are not punished for just having a good time with their friends that they may only have an hour a day to play with. Play however you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Share your opinions on the current bright dust system, if you enjoy it, where you see it's flawed and what you think could be done better, after all, they won't know that we don't like it if we aren't stating our minds about it.



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