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12/6/2019 8:01:43 AM

My personal eververse thoughts.

It normally would take a player nearly the whole season to get everything from a seasonal engram without paying money. And that was if you were lucky. I believe the engrams should go back to the way they we're, along with any/all of these posibilities. we keep the bright dust bounties, and increase the bright dust they give by 25-50 percent depending on the bounty. Currently the maximum amount of bright dust a player can earn per account (not counting the extra bounties or bright dust out of engrams) is 2400 if they complete all their weekly bounties on each character. Thats not even enough to get half of the bright dust items available per week, if they're all not exotic. Im not saying this method will solve all the problems with eververse. Im not the experts behind the game, and i obviously can't know everything. However, its obvious this 2400 per week, if you put enough time into the game for it to be your job, is completely unreasonable. I'm also not saying is gonna happen this method in any way shape or form, to even happen, in full, or partial. It all depends on the devs, and our feedback. Even if any/all of this does happen, a majority people still won't have everything, and then possibly buy silver to fill in the gaps, due to a "sense of urgency" as a buisness would say. Some might buy more than they did before, due to a feeling of relief. The relief would be knowing, their desired item(s) would not be in as large of a needed quantity, in such a way that would not maks them want to pay so much. People like that would rather not pay for silver at all or almost never. This would add some of them into the numbers of those who would. Regaurdless of any positive/negative feelings or outcomes from this post, and any future changes, I thank you bungie. This game has had countless worse scenarios, and its due to all the good, and the bad, that has lead destiny, bungie, and its community, to where it is today. Happy Hollidays



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