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Modificato da Bretin23: 11/13/2019 1:18:01 AM

Remove Hardlight Screenshake on Console

Bungie, I earnestly ask that you please remove the screen shakiness induced from firing the Hardlight. This seems to only be an issue on console from what I have seen (edit: proven false, thanks guardians. It’s on PC also) I absolutely LOVE Hardlight, how it looks and sounds and the versatility... but it just hurts my eyes and my head to fire the thing with the screen bouncing around so much.. please, I ask with everything I have in me, make Hardlight shoot like other guns and remove the shakiness. I want to use the gun, but I don’t want to get sick doing so. Thank you, Bretin23 ——————————————————————— Edit: I’m glad this is making some traction. Bungie employee, if you are reading this, please don’t leave. Give some thought into this and consider removing the shakiness. I think the majority of people would take a trade-off of damage falloff or stability in order to remove the screenshake. If you could reply here or just message me - I have a lot of experience and feedback to give on this weapon and how I think it could be improved (without making it too O.P.). Fixed the title now, it’s NOT just console as my fellow guardians pointed out. Thanks guys!



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