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Bungie: Mods being tied to certain elements may make me quit the game

Yes, most games worth playing have grinding involved. Yes, most things worth having are not easy to get. However, we have a change here that essentially means we need to keep high-energy versions of each armor slot ready to go (thus insane mats, thanks to the new system). Since this takes insane mats, I've got only one build. This is killing gameplay. I'm tired of grinding and would like to enjoy the endgame content more instead. Even Ordeal NFs and Iron Banner aren't giving you what is necessary for this. Terrible rewards, including no cores or armor with good stats, at least from my experience. I don't even know how to fix this with so many players including myself having already spent so many mats on gear. I've gotten so many pieces of gear to 8-9 energy, just to shard it when I get one with better stats. The upgrade/mod economy is a joke right now. I know [i]some[/i] people agree, but what do [i]most[/i] think of this..?



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