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Crucible/Competitive balance changes

Considering Bungie seems to have almost no-one actually leading game balance in Crucible, considering it takes months to fix even MASSIVE issues ie Lord of Wolves and OEM, I'm just going to make a list of things I've seen and problems, in general, and potential fixes and nerfs. 1. OEM, Recluse and Erentil need major adjustments. This is just awful design in general. It's not fun. The only people it's fun for, and the people that wouldn't have fun in any other situation, if those abuses didn't exist. I constantly swap what I'm using, and use different loadouts and subclasses, and I assume most people fall in the same place and do the same. OEM might as well get removed, add something like Twilight Garrison instead. It's not gonna be useful nerfed, and I'd rather have a cool exotic that just isn't dull and cheap. Recluse needs to drop from 100% headshot damage to about 80%, and Master of Arms need to activate ON HEADSHOT ONLY. I don't want it to be useless, and I like it in PvE. But 0.4 TTK on BODY, that's just too much. Erentil is a bit larger of an issue, but weapon specific, drop that range. It's way too far. I've seen hand cannons with less range than Erentil, and that's absurd. 2. All fusion rifles need a charge time nerf, and then a general damage buff in PvE to compensate. As of right now, most fusion rifles actually beat out average TTK. This is where all the frustration is coming from. Shotguns at least require you to get close, and have inconsistent kill ranges due to spread, and Snipers shut off your radar and lock you in a place and require a headshot. Fusions need the charge time increased to actually have a draw back. People need to actually play smart, and pre-charge before engaging, which currently, most don't, because they don't need to. Jotunn And Erentil are the biggest offender to this, since most people WILL fire that shot, even if they die as it goes off. 3. Heavy ammo needs to change its spawn location. You can't just keep shoving it in the same place. What's worse is that, we know you can, because in Competitive, it spawns in different places. You can have the game revolve around one area. Every map turns into people fighting around 1 location. I don't even think Heavy is in a bad spot right now, least in Quickplay. But the map use is terrible, and nobody plays around it, making uses of the different ranges and sightlines. 4. Heavy in Comp just needs to go or be a 2 round thing. Set it on Round 4, which is typically where Supers are popping up, and set it in tiebreaker. Same issue with map congregation in Quickplay, but WAY WORSE. 5. Cut special ammo on spawn in Comp by half. Half the opponents, half the need for special. That's a reasonable change. Because right now, the issue beyond Heavy, is people just abusing that 2 special spawn, to get at least get 2 kills, even if they die. Partly why OEM is so infuriating, since it basically always people to ignore game design and just run around with a shotgun for free, and get those 2 kills. 6. Even though currently, it's only going to last a Season, as far as we know, you really need to disable artifact mods in Crucible, or at least disable them in all but a couple of game modes. Have a couple modes that are kind of free, where you just take the broken stuff. I don't know if Lightning Weave is coming back, or Battery, but they're a problem. I've heard speculation that it's a testing ground for potential Exotic armour, which I think is pretty cool, except doesn't make sense when it on all 3 class, unless we get another set of Aeon style exotics that everyone has access to. But if it's ever going to return, it needs to not be around.



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