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Not allowing champion mods on Exotic weapons is counterintuitive

Before Shadowkeep launched, Bungie stated they would be nerfing all Pinnacle perks and discontinuing the Pinnacle weapons in order to encourage the use of more exotics. The season rolls around, and now we CAN’T equip exotics because they aren’t allowed to use the mods that’re absolutely necessary for all the new activities. You’re not only flat nerfing everything good, but you’re barring us from using what you INTENDED us to replace them with. EDIT: One thing I’m seeing a lot of is that giving Exotics a general mod slot would make them too broken since they’d be able to equip Spec mods in addition to their catalyst, so my view is to not make Champion mods consume a general slot. Add a Champion mod slot on all weapons, we can keep general mods on our legendaries and don’t have to worry about general mods on Exotics. Or another good suggestion I’ve seen, just give most Exotics one of the Champion mods inherently. Removes the requirement to run Divinity, Leviathan’s Breath or Eriana’s Vow if you want to run an exotic at all.



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