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Gambit without Invasions (or any PvP at all) would be perfection

Seriously: A non-PvP Gambit mode which consists [i]entirely[/i] of competitive PVE (who can get the primeval summoned and burned quicker?) would be so much more pleasant than what we have today. It would give dedicated PVE players a chance to compete in gear races without having to suffer through PvP. EDIT: Since this has caused a tiny bit of confusion... I'm not saying "change Gambit for everyone". I'm saying a "no invader" mode should be a valid option for PVE players who want powerful rewards during week one of a season and are otherwise forced to do PVP. Ideally, you should be able to do endgame PVE without ever having touched a PVP mode in your life. Cooperative > Competitive



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