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10/16/2019 7:40:57 AM

Alexa enabled Ghost issues

I know, probably it was a Activision idea and probably it is dead right now, but there's any chance to "bring light" to this device again? At the moment, the Ghost replica is useless... the app works fine, but doesn't speak through the Ghost. I searched for any possible solution, there was something related to the number of times the backward mode switch is pressed... 10 times is a factory reset, 5 times update the device, 3 times reset the wi-fi... none of then worked! The last step of factory reset shows a button that redirects to a pairing page at that is "404 not found". It would be easy if it's bluetooth could be paired directly by alexa app... i can see it's mac address, but it doesn't connect. Maybe (i know it's too much) make a update that makes it a universal bluetooth speaker... does someone still make updates to it? cause the version number changed... the Help article heve been updated at 9/9/2019... Any answer about the device, or in the last case, make it's source code open so people can mod it... i just need to know if it will be useful again or i can just dismantle and turn it into something else.



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